Playing games was considered a waste of time in the previous time, but it turns out that currently playing games has a big impact to drive the economy. Many game designs that are currently developing, use characters, weapons, and attributes needed in the game and can be obtained by buying them or winning various levels of games, just like In Guild Wars 2. This will trigger us to continue playing the game in order to be able to collect some items and of course it makes us to spend money to buy these characters, weapons, and attributes and also requires a long time to play them.

How We Earn from Guild Wars 2

  1. Selling coin or gold

Selling Coin or Gold as a game currency is the easiest way you can do. If you determine from the beginning to make currency in the game and sell it. Gold seekers will continue to farm in the same place until the gold accumulates. It is kinda boring but it will produce constant gold. You have to look for places and ways or activities that make the most gold, you need to know that and keep doing it repeatedly. There is also a time when you might get valuable items while farming which is not cheap. You can also sell it to get money.

  1. Selling character

You can create as many characters as possible with the maximum level. This will be quite tiring because leveling usuali takes a long time and difficult. However, due to the difficulty of the leveling that makes the character price will be higher. What we need here is some partners to help you leveling faster, then and you can sell the characters faster. Because with those helps who has higher level will simplify and speed up your leveling. You also need to know where the spots are, so that your level rises quickly.

  1. Seliing item

If you get a rare item, the price will be very expensive. because of that, usually people immediately buy it with cash. However, if you use gold, you can sell it to become a real currency. Even if you have no luck getting these items, you can farm small items. These items usually sell well in auction. Even though the price is small, if you are constantly collecting it you will get gold that is also constant and can sell the gold into real currency.

  1. Helping others

When you are at the highest level with a gear that is practically qualified, then you can open up assistance services to people whose levels are lower or the gear is not good. In return you ask for gold earning. You can also help others raise their levels and of course in exchange for gold or items. This can also generate gold for you constantly. Later you can exchange the gold to real currency.

In-Game Economy Rising

Online games are not just games, other than for fun, now you can also make money while enjoying playing. People with an economic mind usually struggle to get something without having to buy or buy something to get the bigger one.

In Guild Wars 2, the standards are changed by the free-to-play market, by which we value and trade virtual items. Here, players can exchange cash for virtual gold as a way in the game. otherwise, the trade is also done for buying gems with real curency or real money, in which the gems can be exchenged for some services like fancy clothing or experience. However, it is only for those players who want to exchange gold with gems.