Guild Wars 2 is a sequel to the game developed by Arena.Net and broadcast by NCSoft. The game which was released on August 28, 2012 offers two ways to play, namely free-to-play (F2P) and buy-to-play (B2). Playing this game takes a lot of time and dedication to reach Guild Wars 2 power leveling the highest level. However, if you have reached the highest level, all of that will feel worth it and fun. So you don’t regret playing it because you have experienced a lot of excitement. As a new player in the beginning, of course it will be very challenging and also requires time to reach a high level, from the start that must develop character, buy weapons and so forth.

However, there are several Guides that you can follow to level up your game.

5 Guides for Leveling Guild Wars 2

  1. Play and Explore Story

This is the most obvious way of playing your character to level up succesfully. you have to play the character you created throuh areas with taking personal the personal story at the same time, that it should be based on what level you are now. For example starting with level 10. that your character goes to start and explore areas completely (vistas, points of interests, all hearts, and hero point). then, your level will increase being high to experience first story missions. after that, continue your exploration to another area. here, your level should have be in level 22.

  1. Crafting

Crafting is the first commensurable tip as always being of good value. In fact as a beginner player, you don’t have enough money to level up quickly and effectively. But use items that you have obtained when you play as a redemption experience to reach Guild Wars 2 power leveling.

  1. Edge of the Mists

This is the method that is very effective aand popylang among people.  The adge of the mists leveling can be done when you join and folloe a commander in the karma train. this can be accessed using WvW menu. The objective of this method is completing many events as much as you can possibly do to later earn karma providing aslo an experience. Having a rough idea of the map is important here and never give the commander way. for more experience, never forget to acquired buff food at some.

  1. PvP

by playing PvP you will get lots of access to a variety of equipment, specialties, and skills. here you will be rewarded with Tomes of Knowledge. So that, later your level will rise. Here new players will be able to raise their Char level directly by entering PvP. On the other hand you will also get folio rewards from your login automatically.

  1. Dungeons

In this case, regardless of the level of the character being played, you will get progress to increase the level by 70% from Dungeons, both in exploration and sotry mode. A tip for beginners is that you can use the LFG tool to look for very experienced or experienced players. Therefore, be calm so that you can give the impression that you want to level up or are playing for the first time. From here you will usually find a welcoming and friendly group.

Reasons You Should Play Guld War 2

Playing online games is really fun because when playing there are various kind of things to do as well as teamwork. On the other hand there are many similar games in the game mode. Then what are the reasons that you should know why you have to play this game? See them below.

First, in this game there is a Dynamic Event system that cannot be found in other games. Dynamic Event is a system of events that randomly occurs in certain places. It makes the adventure in Guild Wars 2 not feel monotonous. Second, each character has a choice of various weapons to use.  You can play as a Thief using a dual-gun weapon, or you can take on the role of an Elementalist with a dual-dagger. Even you can be as Ranger to use great sword weapon.

So, that is all what we can share you about Guild Wars 2 power leveling guide as well as the reasons that you should know about this game to be played.